Sell your Volvo in Maidstone, Kent with Price Your Car

If you are you looking to sell your Volvo, Price Your Car can help. Our easy-to-use and professional service has helped hundreds of people get a great price for their old car, without any trouble or stress. We’ll pay top price for the right Volvo models, and we’ll sell them again at retail prices to other drivers. We are professional and expert car dealers and do not sell to tradesmen and car companies – we care about the individual.

When you arrange an appointment with our company director, we can advise on your Volvo model and give you a ballpark estimate on what price you can expect for your car. One of our experts can then come to you and value the car – whether you’re at home or at work. We have the capacity to value, buy and collect your car all within 30 minutes, making our service super-efficient and straight forward. With our 14-day price guarantee you also have a lot more flexibility.

You won’t get charged any admin or banking fees as our competitors do, and you’ll also get paid immediately without having to wait around for the payment to be processed. Simply fill out your log book and we’ll do the rest – no need to clean your car and upload phots online to try and reach sellers. No need to deal with dodgy dealers and online scammers. When you sell your Volvo through Price Your Car, you can enjoy an honest, reliable and low-cost service.

Book an appointment with Price Your Car today by calling or enquiring online. Contact us today – we look forward to helping you sell your Volvo.